Your STEP to success
Success Through Enhanced Performance, Inc. (STEP) originally established in 1996 to provide organizations with business solutions and processes vital in the development and productivity of their employees. It is important now more than ever to invest in your most valuable asset, your employees! Doing so, will help you break through these challenging economic times and allow you to increase revenues like never before.

STEP has partnered with 360 Solutions, “one of the strongest providers of high quality employee training on the market today” to deliver a learning experience guaranteed to provide an increase in company productivity and income.

Have you ever attended a motivational workshop or business training seminar that left you feeling exuberant and optimistic only to leave you deflated 24 hours later? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to retain that information and feeling for a longer period of time? Although outstanding curriculum and talented trainers are essential, they are not enough to deliver a “State of the Art” training experience. Our unique methodology combines more than 50 years of organizational training experience using “spaced repetition” which allows the recipient to retain the information. The result for organizations is a much higher return on their business training investment.

STEP focuses on increasing productivity and revenue through strategic organizational planning, business leadership, management, sales training, employee talent assessments, and customized development training, and consulting. We increase revenue and profits through the development of personnel and we guarantee results! Invest in your people today!

The STEP Family:

Jan Wild, founder and President of STEP was an integral component in the expansion of a national energy company. In less than 4 years he increased the company’s revenues from $20 million to $240 million. During the expansion he identified a need for new and strategic processes/tools that would assist organizations exceed their goals so he enlisted a dedicated team with one goal in mind; organizational success! With this vision Success Through Enhanced Performance, Inc. (STEP) was born.

Doug Mendoza, an adjunct professor for the state of Florida university system is STEP’s senior educator and has more than 30 years of executive level consulting experience.

Rob Wild, Strategic Partner is a talented sales professional with extensive call center development and experience.

Allyson Han a graduate of FIU’s School of Business is also an entrepreneur with a passion for Marketing and Public Relations.