About STEP

About STEP

About Our President and Founder

For more than three decades, Jan Wild has delivered powerful management and sales improvement processes to organizations large and small. Companies have seen exponential increases in sales revenue and employees have seen tremendous growth,  opportunities and increased income using his techniques.

A recent engagement with a national energy company, where his design and implementation of his “GPS of selling” sales system, which inspired, motivated, trained and empowered sales teams, drove the company’s revenue from 20 million dollars to over 200 million dollars in annual sales in just three years.

Additional past results utilizing his techniques drove an IT training company from 2 million to 18 million and a software developer from 300 thousand to over 22 million and an acquisition.

Then Jan launched Success Through Enhanced Performance, Inc., (STEP) a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based firm, to share his successful techniques and processes with organizations looking to grow their revenues and profits.

STEP focuses on increasing productivity and revenue through strategic organizational planning, business leadership, management, and sales training, employee talent assessments, customized development training, and consulting.

Our business solutions have global success and acclaim. Organizations employing our “unique” and “unparalleled” space repetition – methods have enjoyed manifold return on their investments.

STEP will increase your company’s bottom line  through th etraining and development of your employees. We guarantee results!!

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