Telesales Training

Telesales Training


Telebusiness or it’s better known, telemarketing is any activity connected with conducting business by telephone. Not to be confused, this process is an enhanced skill set, required to do all types of sales and service business.

Telemarketing is all activities connected with, anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer requirements by phone. The process is in line with the company’s marketing and sales plans. It is the most cost effective and profitable approach to sales and marketing and can be used to exponentially grow your organization.

Telemarketing can be inbound, outbound or blended. It can be a mixture of selling or customer service. It is used by organizations to research for future business, used to promote new products or collect on old transactions; it is used for fund raising, customer service and support, campaign penetration, test marketing or the prominent use of generating new business.

Some of the telemarketing processes are located in centralized call / contact centers  while also used in the field by successful independent agents using customer service or  power selling skills.

The contact center interacts with customers more than any other department providing unparalleled insight into customer preferences, trends, operational challenges and revenue opportunities. Those interactions represent a substantial competitive advantage if your company leverages the information effectively. The center engages your customers in real-time and is the key to building outstanding service operation that also capitalizes on sales opportunities. It promotes context that offers a step-by-step approach to enhance the brand, build customer loyalty and sometimes if even unfortunately if not trained, frustrate and disappoint customers.

Success through Enhanced Performance (STEP) delivers a powerful approach to building your telesales program. Our programs are comprised of powerful phone power / telebusiness skills and real time call center and customer service training. With over 30 years of call center and phone sales expertise, STEP will deliver an exciting, engaging and most of all results guaranteed program.

Some of our previous engagements delivered the following results:

  • Increased sales for software developer and distributor from $1 million to $22 million
  • Increased sales for IT training company from $2 million to $18 million
  • Increased sales for Energy Company from $20 million to over $240 million

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