The STEP Guarantee

The STEP Guarantee

Our Five STEP Guarantee

1. Best Curriculum and employee assessment tools

With the understanding that the success of an organization is based on the productivity of its most important asset: its people, STEP partnered with 360 Solutions, a premier developer of PHD-developed and tested employee and organizational assessments and proven training curriculum to deliver a learning experience guaranteed to provide an increase in company productivity and personal income.

2. Not Just Teachers

STEP utilizes trainers with, collectively, more than 60 years real time, front line, executive level experience, who understands the real issues you are experiencing. We just don’t have teachers!

3. A Unique Methodology of Retention Learning

Spaced Repetition provides the student with the ability to retain the information taught. We have all experienced a motivational workshop or business training event where we left full of exuberance and optimism, that disappears 24 hours later. Wouldn’t it be great to retain that feeling, or that information for a far longer time? Spaced Repetition allows learning to be retained and utilized far longer than the standard training commonly offered. The result, for organizations, is a much higher return on their business training investment.

4. Programs are customized for your Specific Needs… not Canned

All companies are not created equal. STEP programs are designed to meet the exact needs of your organization, combining various learning essentials to provide a full deliverable solution.

5. Guaranteed Results Promise

We are so sure of the results you will receive that we offer a guarantee on the results of the deliverables.